Saturday, October 3, 2009

Vaginal dryness, lubricants and menstruation.

At some point in life, every woman suffers from vaginal dryness. As noted earlier, lubrication is the result of the activities of various genital areas and therefore can be several causes for this failure. Whatever the reason (postpartum, medications, infections, stress, fear and taboos, Selflessness), this lack of lubrication is usually an intimate and frequent problem at once.

In principle vaginal lubricants not produce any delay in menstruation. Indeed, it may be the case in reverse during the life period preceding and following cessation of genital function with the completion of the rule appears vaginal dryness and is necessary, sometimes a vaginal lubricant. This process is called climacteric.

Instead it may be the case that the causes which produce vaginal dryness occur delayed menstruation. For example, some type of infection can produce vaginal dryness and also delayed the menstruation. If we add any medications for the infection with side effects ... depends a little of everything.

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