Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Spotting, bleeding between periods brown.

The Spotting are usually darker bleeding between periods, which occur due to loss of blood clots that typically form during menstruation, but more often to be present at the end could come at any time. What does attract attention and need to study if this bleeding is not associated with menstrual periods, appearing so unusual anomalous days.
The Spotting is often caused by the pill ... are more common in the early months of taking the pill. In fact sheets warning of the drug appears as a warning that may occur. But these small dark color bleeds are more or less normal at first, until the body gets used to it. But if in a few months the bleeding continued Spotting is probably because the pill is not working properly. So you should see a doctor or gynecologist to do a review.
The more you produce pills are those that contain only progesterone.


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